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  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Somalia / Somaliland
  • Fuel Monitoring

    With our system your client will be able to monitor the change of fuel consumption in real time, and have this change reflected in a report and graph.

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  • Container Tracking

    Soltic Africa present you – the smartest system for real-time tracking of containers for protection and management

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  • Trailer Tracking

    This product is most sophisticated unit for real-time tracking of any trailer you need to protect and manage through the control of all possible events and situations, its automatic remote operation, system stability, and continuity.

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  • WatchLock

    WatchLock combines Mul-T-Lock’s High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.

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  • Electronic Cargo Tracking

    Soltic Africa is a leader in developing, deploying and supporting novel technologies for tracking assets, fleet, and various types of resources, had developed most innovative way of tracking cargo and shipment using integrated technologies like GPS, GPRS, RFID and Sensors

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  • 24/7 Control Centre

    Our operational security centres are designed to handle any emergency events at any time

Introduction About Soltic Africa

Soltic Africa is a GSM/CDMA and GPS technology-driven mobile resource management provider specializing in Vehicle tracking, container tracking, electronic cargo monitoring systems, fleet management, E- fleet system, watch lock and speed governors. Our solutions include hardware, software and a complete set of procedures, based on client’s needs and requirements.

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