Digital Speed Governors

Soltic Africa provides top-class Remote Asset Management Services that are uniquely designed to address all clients’ concerns as far as vehicle, people and asset tracking are concerned.

In addition to this, Soltic Africa is an authorized Speed Governor Dealer. Our clients can therefore rely on delivery of top class speed limit gadgets that meet them at their point of need.

Data Logger

The purpose of the data-logger unit is to log data from our speed-limiting device.This data will include date and time stamped over speed and power-interrupt information.
This data will be accessible via a USB interface to allow access to the stored data via custom-made PC software.


The data logger will give you access to information via a PC on any situation where a vehicle has exceeded your pre-determined speed limit or when a vehicle’s battery has been disconnected or the power to the speed limiter/data logger has been tampered with.

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage +8 V to 35 V
Average Supply Current<3mA.
Operating Temperature -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius

Electrical Specifications

Vehicle Data-1KB
Event capacity-720 Hours